Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sutton's 25 Week Appointment

Sutton and I had our 25-week appointment this morning and everything is going as expected. Just a few random things:
  • I've gained 6 pounds since our last appointment.
  • Fundal height at 26 inches (one inch larger than it should be. Which accounts for the extra weight gain, I was quick to point out!)
  • Gestational Diabetes testing was set up. I have to go in before our next appointment to have all the testing done. Apparently for a couple days beforehand, I can't eat sweets and I can't have anything to eat after 10pm the night before the test. I have to be in the testing center for 3 HOURS and have blood drawn every hour. YUCK! You can bet I'm going in right when they open at 7:30am so I can eat as soon as I'm done.
  • We're not getting a sonogram at our next appointment after all; I'm not sure when the next one is going to be scheduled, but it should be soon.
  • After this next appointment at the end of February, my appointments increase in frequency to once every two weeks instead of once every four. Which means we're getting closer!

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  1. Mindy had an appointment Monday, ate birthday cake with a coworker just before the appot. and her glucose was high. I don't know how they knew but anyway she has to go back and retest later. Moon pies and birthday cake have caused her some trouble lately. Glad all is well! Your doctor appt. reports are so interesting. Mindy always says, "Well, I'm pregnant!"