Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our first go 'round with cereal

So, the day before I go back to work probably isn't the best time to try new things, but we figured, what the heck, enough things are changing for Sutton anyways, so what's a couple more?
This afternoon, we tried some cereal for the first time and last night was Sutton's first night in his crib upstairs. He did pretty good in his crib, considering yesterday was a VERY lazy day for all of us and we all three slept ALOT during the day. Sutton was no where near tired come his bedtime, but we stuck to our routine and got him ready for bed and put him down around 7:30. He fussed a bit, but with a little help from his tootie (I don't know why, but lately we've been calling his pacifier his tootie) he soon was snoozing. He's been sleeping through the night until about 6:30 or 7am, but I think being in a new environment coupled with lots of napping the day before threw off his sleep schedule and he woke up at about 2 (I just stuck his tootie back in his mouth) and again at 5:30 to eat. Then he went back down until around 8:30. Not too shabby!
I am so excited about Sutton trying cereal! I know it may seem a bit early, he'll be 12 weeks next Tuesday, but the Dr said to go ahead and start him on cereal at 3 months, so we decided to give it a shot as he's almost constantly hungry. And he did great! I won't say that more didn't end up on his bib than in his tummy, but he enjoyed it for about 10 minutes (WAY longer than I thought he would tolerate the spoon) and was actually opening his mouth and reaching for this spoon! Hopefully he tolerates it as well tomorrow evening and from now on. Here are a few pics we snapped:

Friday, July 23, 2010

A very emotional day

Today was my last day home with Sutton before I got back to work on Monday. I couldn't get over the 'lasts' all day. Last time to pick him up in the morning, knowing I'll get to see that smiling face all day. Last time I'll take him upstairs for storytime and to change out of his pjs. Last time I'll cook lunch while simultaneously trying to keep him entertained.
I know it's not really the LAST time I'll do these things, but this is the end of my all-day, every-day time with Sutton. I cried. ALOT. He couldn't coo or giggle or squeal without me tearing up and having to pick him up and squeeze him.
Then, right before lunch, I got some devasting news. I called my OBGYN's office to confirm that my paperwork for my return to work had been faxed and was informed that Dr Kittrell had passed away. My heart dropped. I was, and am still, so upset about it. This is the man who delivered our son just a few weeks before he passed away. I saw him for my 6-week post-delivery check-up less than two weeks before he passed away. It was very sudden and unexpected. His office staff was audibly upset on the phone while we were speaking. Logically, I don't see why I should be so upset, but this is the person who helped bring our son into the world. I complained about his office quite a bit, but I loved him as a Dr and was of the mind that he would most likely be delivering the children we will have in the years to come.
Today has been so hard. I want to weekend to last forever and am still hoping for a Hail Mary that will let me stay home with Sutton. It hasn't hit me that Monday morning, I'll drop him off at the Nanny's and be away from him all day. I can't even comprehend that.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

We are so blessed!

After writing our last post, I got curious and starting clicking 'Next Blog' at the top of our blog page. And with each blog I explored, I felt more and more blessed. Truly blessed. Not lucky. Not fortunate. Blessed. He is watching out for us, and the majority of the time, we don't realize or acknowledge Him.

The first blog was about a family who lost their baby at 37 weeks. Do you know what happens when a baby dies in the womb at 37 weeks? You go through childbirth. Either vaginally or via Cesarean. Just as if you were having a baby and nothing was wrong. Except the whole time, you know that you'll be leaving the hospital without a baby. Sutton spent two extra days in the NICU after I was released. That shouldn't even COMPARE to leaving the hospital knowing you'll never take your baby home, but as awkward as I felt being wheeled out of the hospital, bags, flowers, balloons, swollen uterus and no baby in my arms, I know that, to me, it is unimaginable to think about the grief and awkwardness of leaving in the same manner as a woman who just had a baby, who is carrying him or her in her arms, empty-handed and empty-hearted.

The second blog was about tying a bedsheet over a toddlers crib as he has outgrown it and had been climbing out of it for a couple of weeks. That was a good laugh. Once the family bought him a toddler bed, they shut him in the bedroom (not in a mean way, as I typed that, I realized it sounded bad) and he fell asleep up against the door with his little fingers reached out from under the door. Good Heavens! As Sutton has never really slept anywhere but his pack and play (or at least not with us) I hope that's not us in a couple of years! I'd cave in an instant! But not sooner than Rusty! He's the softie.

The third blog was about how a 6 1/2 month old baby wouldn't sleep more than 2 hours in her crib. Sutton sleeps from 7-8pm to around 7am. That's around 12 hours a night. No feedings, no interruptions, no fussing. Just sleeping.

The funny thing is, I COULD HANDLE A 'DIFFICULT' BABY! I'm my best under pressure. The higher the pressure, the more calm and take-charge I am. Seriously, we are COASTING with Sutton. Debbie (Rusty's mom) says that he was the BEST baby and once he hit the toddler age, he was a stinker, but soooo lovable. 'Naked Roll!' anyone? (Inside joke.)

It just astounds me how easy we have it with Sutton. He inspires more prayers of thankfulness than I've ever offered in my life.

Diaper Explosion!

Well, it finally happened. Sutton pooped and it made a big ol' mess. I was kinda wanting to start bragging on the fact that this hadn't happened to us yet, but I guess that's out now!
We were just finishing up dinner and Sutton was in his bouncy seat right by the table (within easy reach in case I needed to pop a binky back in his mouth and/or start bouncing him with my foot) when he started getting fussy. I thought he was just bored looking at the underside of the table so I started giving him a little bounce every now and then. Rusty finished eating first, so we went over to Sutton, bent down to pick him up.... and ran halfway across the kitchen, holding his hands up in the air, saying, "I can't deal with that! I'm going to throw up right now! I can't do it!" I think he mentioned something about having to go in the garage; I'm not sure. It was pretty dramatic.
I thought it was just a stinky diaper. Sutton is only an every-3-day-pooper, so it tends to be a bit smelly. At the exact moment I bent down to pick Sutton up, Rusty starts hollering again about how it's "everywhere! All over his legs! It's all on his bouncer." etc. So I take a peek....

And I crack up. I don't know why it's so funny! I start asking Sutton, in a baby voice, of course, "Do you have poopies everywhere? Are there poopies all over you?" which makes Sutton smile and coo and just give me this coy little look. Which makes me crack up even MORE!
We finally got him cleaned up, bathed and his bouncy seat in the washer. Clean baby, clean bouncy seat, a pile of wash cloths, towels and one smelly onesie in the washer, we concluded our latest stinky adventure!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

11 weeks old and growing so much!

I promise I'm doing a much better of job of taking pictures than this blog would suggest. It's been almost two months since my last post. I'm going to justify that by saying that I would rather spend precious moments with Sutton than blog.
This past weekend, we got a visit from Rusty's parents, Grammy and Grampy. It had been TOO long since they got to hold and cuddle with Sutton. We had a great time visiting, eating and playing with Sutton.

Sunday morning, my dad, Pedro, drove in for the day. He hadn't seen Sutton in about a month and needed both a baby fix and a break from the busy life at the Coop and ranch. He didn't stay long, but he got some good snuggles and talks in with Sutton. I just love watching them together. I don't know if it's the glasses or the moustache, but Sutton just cracks up everytime he sees his Pedro!

Today Sutton is 11 weeks old and is just the most fun, outgoing baby! He smiles and 'talks' and is right on the verge of laughing and rolling over.

Two weeks ago, Rusty and I spent our first night away from Sutton. We stayed with our friends Ryan and Kristen at the JW Marriott here in San Antonio. My mom and sister, Sutton's KK and Tia Brooke, came to stay with Sutton. Here is a view from our room at the resort. Gorgeous! While we were getting ready for dinner, we were able to watch a beautiful, small, intimate wedding ceremony held right outside our window!