Sunday, April 18, 2010

Re-Thinking Our Blog Title

So pregnancy isn't all joys and wondrous moments. I'm not having a fun last few weeks. As many of y'all know, I've developed a horrible condition called PUPPP that occurs in less than 1 in 300 women during pregnancy. It consists of a horribly itchy, painful rash. And I'm not suffering from a mild case, either. You can Google it because I'm not going into details. It will suffice to say that many women are induced early when they develop this condition due to lack of sleep and (in my opinion) for their mental sanity.
I'm still working at this point, but it's getting harder and harder to make myself get up and go in the morning. I just can't see the point of sitting at home, being miserable and eating into my leave time when I could be sitting at work, being miserable, knowing that I will have at least one more day with Sutton when he gets here. So I'm hanging in there! I don't have a last day set in stone, it's all going to depend on how my weekly appointments go. And whether my clothes still fit from day to day. I'm down to about 3 outfits that still fit that I rotate during the week!
The one fun thing I still have is looking around at all the things we have ready for Sutton. If he came right now (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!) we would be 100% ready in terms of baby 'stuff.' His nursery is all set up, we have his pack & play ready in our room, toys, swings and goodies all over the place. Not to mention some of the cutest baby clothes I've ever seen! Between Staci and Ashley and all the adorable outfits he received from our baby showers, he has quite the wardrobe! At least an hour of every day is occupied thinking what he's going to wear to our friends, Jesse and Clint's, wedding in mid-June. I go back and forth all the time!
Speaking of baby showers, Rusty and I were lucky enough to have FOUR baby showers. All of them were so much fun and we received so many wonderful gifts from family friends and co-workers. There is no way we would be as prepared as we are without all the gifts and, more importantly, ADVICE we received from everyone!
As of this weekend, I am considered 'full-term' at 37 weeks. Sutton would be just fine, developmentally, if he decided to come a bit early. Daily, I walk around the house and show him all his super-cool baby stuff so he knows that he will be just as comfortable outside as he is inside my tummy and with WAY more things to do, see, look at and explore! Surely, he's sick and tired of counting his fingers and toes by now?

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  1. I'm so sorry you have this stink'n rash!! The last few weeks are hard enough when you feel great! I've never even heard of such a rash. Poor MamaKB! It won't be long I'm sure!!! Hang in there dearie!