Monday, May 24, 2010

My last two weeks of pregnancy! (Post-Sutton's arrival!)

It's hard to remember life without my sweet baby boy, but I wanted to update everyone on how my last two weeks of pregnancy went before I told the 'Story of Sutton.'
Looking at my last post, I sounded pretty miserable. Luckily, not long after that post, I found relief from my rash! After visiting the Dr and trying a prescription strength 2.5% hydrocortisone cream (which didn't work AT ALL. Just made me greasy and sticky and itchy) I googled the rash and saw that many people were trying all natural Pine Tar Soap. HOLY MOLY did that work! I had to shower with it several times a day, but after the third day of using it, my rash was completely GONE! The soap can be used on rashes, insect bites, eczema and psoriasis, so if you or anyone you know have the itchies, please try this stuff because it WORKS! OK, enough plugging my miracle-cure!

Me at 37 weeks pregnant.
One thing I do remember from the last week or so of being pregnant is that I spent so much time on the couch that my feet were no longer swollen and my back didn't hurt anymore. I found sleeping on our couch to be much more comfortable than sleeping on our bed, so I pretty much camped out in the living room for the last few weeks. Rusty was sweet enough to 'camp' with me on our other couch! As long as I had pillows between my knees, one behind my back and one tucked under my tummy, I was perfectly comfortable! Until I had to get up to use the bathroom, of course!
I also couldn't stand that we were having such gorgeous weather and I couldn't go to the beach, lake or even fishing. I went out and bought myself a kiddie pool and float and spent an entire Sunday on our back deck, just a-floatin'. Fabulous. Sheer bliss. I even got a tan!

39 Weeks Pregnant. The day before labor started.
As of the last Friday of April, I was still working and planned for my last day to be Tuesday, May 4th. Sutton, however, had other plans...

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