Monday, May 24, 2010

The 'Story of Sutton'

As I type, there is a precious, beautiful angel sleeping on the couch next to me. Sutton Don Brown was born at 11:51am on Tuesday May 4th, 2010. He weighed 7 lbs 15.8oz and measured 20 1/2 inches. This is his story:
After a very relaxing weekend, I awoke (on our couch, where I was 'camped' to accommodate my massive preggo self) around 1:30am on Monday May 3rd. I wasn't sure what woke me up at first and then I realized that I was having a very strong contraction. "Just another Braxton-Hicks" I told myself and got up to go to the bathroom.
After laying back down for a few more minutes, my discomfort eased and I drifted back to sleep. Only to be awoken by another contraction. I figured I had been asleep at least an hour, so I checked the clock and, to my surprise, I'd only been asleep about 10 minutes. "Hm." I thought. "Let's see what's happening here." I got out my cell and timed that contraction and how long it took for another to come on. Almost exactly 10 minutes! I was in labor! And tired! And I couldn't go back to sleep because I was too excited!
There was no telling how long this was going to take and Rusty needed his rest, so I quietly paced the house, timing my contractions for about an hour. Rusty finally woke up and asked what I was doing. "Timing my contractions" I told him. I thought he went back to sleep when I told him to, but he later told me he was just playing 'possum and  didn't go back to sleep at all.
When it was time for both of us to get up to go to work, we decided I wouldn't be going in after all and that Rusty should go in at least until I talked to my Dr and see what he wanted me to do. My contractions were still about 10 minutes apart and were not painful, just uncomfortable. After speaking to my Dr, we decided I should head into his office that morning just to see how things were going. Rusty came home from work and we headed to Methodist Plaza with delusions of grandeur. We were CONVINCED we would just head across the street to Methodist Hospital after the appt. Nope. While I was fully effaced, I was only dilated to a 3 and we were instructed to go home until either my water broke or my contractions were less than 5 minutes apart. We would have a baby either that day or the next!
We both called our families and let them know that the ball was rolling on Sutton's arrival. After lots of back and forth, my Mom headed in to town from Houston. Rusty and I headed home to time contractions and wait. I won't bore you with minute details of that day. Here are the highlights: a trip to Academy for tennis shoes, a stop at Sonic for a Super Sonic cheeseburger (I had convinced myself that I shouldn't eat if I was in labor, but then I caved. I caved BIG: cheeseburger, strawberry limeade and tator tots BIG!) and, once my Mom arrived, several walks up and down our street.
Finally, my contractions picked up in speed and strength. About 8:30, we all loaded up and headed to the hospital. And here's where it gets fun!
By the time we got to the hospital, my contractions were very uncomfortable and about 3-3 1/2 minutes apart. I had pre-registered online, so after a few questions, Rusty and I received our wrist bracelets and I was taken to triage for observation. And boy, was I observed. I was still only dilated to a 3, so I was hooked up to all kinds of monitors and was told that I would be checked for progress later. About an hour went by and I asked to be disconnected from all the whosits, whatsits and gadgets so I could walk around. Since only one person was allowed in triage with me, Rusty and my Mom took turns coming back to keep me company. By about 10:30 I was NOT a happy pregnant camper. My contractions were about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes apart (mind you, I was still in triage and had no pain medicine) and they were STRONG. If I had any thoughts about a 'natural, med-free birth' at any given time, those thoughts were long gone! It helped so much to have Rusty watch my monitors and let me know not only when a contraction was coming, but when it was at it's strongest and when it was on the decline.
At 11:30, I had dilated to 4 1/2 and it was decided that I could be admitted. I asked the triage nurse what would have been our indicator to come back to the hospital if I hadn't made progress and was sent home and her response was that I was in too much pain and my contractions were too close together for me to have been sent home. Um. Then WHY was I left to labor in triage for 3 freakin' hours!?!?!?!? I will spare you my opinion of triage nurses at Methodist Hospital and of whomever 'Dr Stone,' the on-call OBGYN was that night. As I was wheeled away to be admitted and shown to my L&D room, one of the triage nurses called out, "You can have your epidural at any time now!" If I hadn't had a massive IV stuck in my wrist, I would have raised my arm and shot her the finger as I rolled down the hall.
As I got settled in the L&D room, my water broke on it's own. Thankfully, the anesthesiologist followed me into my L&D room, and I was set up with my epidural. Forget Ambrosia, epidurals are the nectar of the gods! My only issue that night was that I felt so guilty for being in a great big, comfortable hospital bed while Rusty and my Mom were crunched up on the two chairs in the room, trying to sleep. Sometime in the night, Rusty's parents arrived, having drove in from San Angelo because they couldn't stand to wait until morning. Debbie is an angel and a stronger woman than I would have been for staying up all night in the waiting area at the hospital.

Happy after my epidural.
By 7:30 Tuesday morning, I was pretty much stalled out at about 7cm. A pitocin drip was started and in no time at all, I was ready to push! My LD nurse, Mandy (I want to refer to her as God-sent angel from Heaven above, but will use Mandy because it's shorter to type) had me go through a set of trial pushes and (I'm proud to say) I did so well, she called Dr Kittrell right away and told him to come on over and deliver my baby!

Mandy and Rusty

Excited to start pushing!
I pushed for about an hour and I remember every second of it. I love delivery. I love labor as long as I have an epidural, but I really loved delivery. I will never forget every single word of encouragement from Rusty and from my mother. I will forever remember every feeling, emotion, sight and sound. I remember asking if I could push one more time and Dr Kittrell telling me to look down. And I watched my son being born.

Our emotional introduction.
Sutton has my eyes and dark hair and his father's everything else. He's a wiggle-worm and the most amazing thing I have ever done or seen. He is medicine to my soul, the light of my life and a long-awaited for miracle. And that was his story. Well, the beginning of his story!

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  1. How sweet! I love the story and I love the pictures. He is beautiful! I can't wait to meet him!