Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our First "Sick" Dr Appt, Cutting Teeth and Just Growing Up in General

Do all mothers have to try so hard not to bawl when they discover their little baby boy is cutting his first tooth? I can hardly think about it without tearing up! My sweet little angel baby is growing up too fast and I just want to stop time! For the past few weeks, Rusty and I have been thinking that Sutton has been teething as he's constantly chewing on his hands, fists, bib, towel, our hands, my boobs and anything else he can get into his mouth. Add in that he has personified 'drool bucket' lately and we figured teeth were going to be popping up pretty soon. And sure enough, last night, I felt a little bump on his bottom gumline. After we had been expecting it for so long, I thought I would be excited! But I wasn't. I was so sad and overwhelmed! I don't want him to grow up! He's so sweet and fun and amazing right now, I just don't want anything to change! I guess we getter get used to it, because he has a long way to go, a lot of growing up to do and there are going to be LOTS of changes along the way!
One of the changes we've noticed lately is that Sutton is so congested! He snorts and wheezes and blows boogers everywhere! After researching online, asking the grandmas and polling friends with babies, we pretty much decided it was normal. So we brought out the saline drops and just tried to keep Sutton from looking like a snot-face.
Then, last week, he had a couple little throw up incidents that kinda scared me, so I called the WONDERFUL Methodist Hospital Call a Nurse line Friday evening. Katie, an RN, informed me that it might be a stomach bug but as long as he wasn't dehydrated and was acting normal, not to be concerned but to make an appointment with our pediatrician anyways. Thankfully, our pediatricians practice offers Saturday appointments and we were able to get Sutton in at 9:30am. 


After we recovered from shock, we waited patiently for the pediatrician on call to see us. Sutton just started squealing and did NOT stop the entire time we were in the dr's office. It was so cute, but rediculous because here we are with our 'sick' baby, showing up for a Dr's appointment on a Saturday, and he's cooing and squealing and rolling around on the exam table like he doesn't have a care in the world!
The pediatrician on-call (who was amazing!) told us not to worry about the throw up, to try to keep him on breastmilk for the next couple of days (we've still be supplementing with formula) and just make sure he stays hydrated. And she wasn't at all concerned about the congestion.
He's doing much better now, no more throwing up, we have a cool-mist humidifier in his room and are regularly squirting saline solution up his nose to keep his little nasal passages moist. I even love his nasal passages. This kid is a miracle to me.
The biggest change lately has been... wait for it.... Sutton is rolling over! He will roll from his tummy to his back and is SO close to going back to tummy. Rusty sent me a video one day on my way home from work and said Sutton had rolled over three times in a row! Our sitter, Phyllis, said that he does it during the day, too! I watch the video all the time, but I STILL haven't seen him do it in person! I'll keep trying and watching and I'm sure my vigilance will be rewarded eventually!
Some other highlights:

  • Rusty measured Sutton top to toes and he is about 26 inches long! That's only three inches away from growing out of his infant carrier!
  • He now eats 2-3 tablespoons of rice cereal morning and night.
  • He LOVES his exersaucer and to be standing up, sitting up laying on his tummy; pretty much anything other than laying on his back.
  • He is gaining more and more control of his hands. He is contantly grabbing at things (his favorite is my hair. I'm chopping it all off. ASAP.)
  • Sutton loves it when you bark like a puppy at him and stick your tongue out and pant like a dog. This cracks him up every time!
  • He is still so cuddly and loves to be held and rocked and hugged and kissed on.
  • He loves to be sung "You are My Sunshine"

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