Friday, August 13, 2010

Three Weeks In

It's the last day of my third week back at work. Oh. My. Word. I've hardly had a chance to breathe, let alone blog about everything that is going on!
Weekdays start at 5:30am when I wake up and get myself ready for work. Thankfully, Sutton would sleep until who-knows-what hour of the morning if I let him, so I don't have to worry about him while showering and getting dressed. I usually wake him up about 6:45 and he nurses and gets some cereal. Then it's into the carseat and off to Nannys!
Rusty and I finally have our morning routine down to where it's manageable and not just us flying around the house grabbing bottles, lunch, binkys and the baby, shoving it all in the car and trying to remember to open the garage before I back out! Turns out it's much easier to get everything ready the night before. Hm. Who'd have thunk it?
I still miss Sutton SO much while I'm at work. Instead of getting easier, it's getting harder to be away from him every day. Thankfully, it's our busy season at work and the days are flying by in a blur of students, paperwork and pumping.
Pumping at work. You think people would understand that my son has to eat and while I'm pumping, I might as well be walking around topless for everything you can see. Oh, no; they don't hesitate to knock and ask if I can help with something, even though I sent out a very polite, discreet email on my first day back about being unavailable while I make my son's lunch for the next day AND have a 'Privacy, Please!' sign on my door.
Sutton is growing like a weed. A cute, bubbly, talkative little weed! Every day after work when Rusty picks him up, before I get home, they have 'Daddy Boot Camp.' I quit asking what happens during this half hour, since the one time I asked, I was told Sutton is learning to walk, crawl and cuss. Ah, my boys! Exciting things do happen at Daddy Boot Camp, though. Yesterday, Rusty told me that Sutton had rolled over from his belly to his back! He's done this once when he was about 9 weeks old, but I'm convinced it was a fluke since he rolled into a crack on the couch. So this was his first 'true' roll over!
He's also using his exer-saucer and LOVES it. He bats at the toys and wiggles around and makes the whole exer-saucer rock back and forth. Just goes crazy!
This Saturday, I will spend my first night away from him without Rusty. I'm going to a very good friend of ours bachelorette party in New Braunfels. Very excited, but very anxious about being away from Sutton during one of the few times I have to spend all day and all night with him! There's no telling what he's going to learn at a full day of Daddy Boot Camp!

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