Monday, November 23, 2009

Mossy Oak Maternity? Nope.

Rusty and I spent the weekend at Daddy's since we heard the weather was going to be great for hunting. We packed up all our gear and headed out Friday after work. Woke up nice and early Saturday morning, all ready to get decked out in my camo gear. Well, who'd a thunk it? My brand spankin' new insulated pants I bought at the end of last hunting season didn't fit. Oh the length was fine, there was just a bit more belly this year than last. So I just pulled my sweater down over the unbuttoned, unzipped front of my pants and resigned myself to having hitch up my pants every 4 steps. At least my insulated jacket still fits.
Off to the blind! Here I am walking down the road at our farm from the truck to the blind: Gun on shoulder, Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tart in one hand, flashlight in the other hand, a-hitchin' up my pants every fourth step. Oh the joys of hunting while pregnant.
Get to the blind. Rusty did an excellent job of sealing it up last year, so it was toasty and dry on the inside. Hand all my gear up to Rusty and proceed to climb the 1 1/2 foot ladder to get in the blind. Manage the ladder just fine. Small, undersized door to get into the blind? Not so much. I normally have to stoop way over, get one foot in and hoist myself up. Even at only 15 weeks, there is no stooping and hoisting happening. Finally get wiggled into the blind. We have a GREAT morning hunt. We didn't end up shooting anything but we saw lots of great deer and two that, had they been close enough for my 22-250, would have made the trip back to Daddy's in the back of the truck.
All in all, a great weekend! However, I sincerely think there is a market for Mossy Oak Maternity Wear.

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