Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails!

We're having a boy! Rusty and I found out this morning that we are expecting a little boy. A little boy with rather big feet and the cutest, sweetest little nose. Everything is perfect, healthy and exactly as it should be. He was just a wigglin' and jumpin' around in there and would move his arms up to his face and then wave them around and squirm some more. I do believe we're going to be blessed with a hyperactive little boy, just like his Daddy! When we went in for the 'money shot' he had his feetsies crossed one on top of the other and the technician said, "Well, you can see his feet are one on top of the other and his legs are drawn up but what we need him to do is straighten out his legs and spread them!" And just like that, the baby did! We have a very cooperative little man! Pictures are forthcoming as soon as we can get them scanned. Thanks for all the well-wishes from everyone!

Ok, here's all pictures of our son!

Here he is, all stretched out, relaxing with his hands behind his head:

His face with his cute, little nose that looks like his Daddy's and one of his BIG feet:

Another of his profile and one of him showing off his 'guns':

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