Wednesday, October 6, 2010

5 Months Old and So Much Fun!

I love this age! Sutton is so much fun. So sweet and cuddly, but starting to really show some independence and amazing us every day with new things. Just this morning, he started blowing 'raspberries' and it was the cutest thing! Add to that the SUPER cute hat Rusty put on him and it was just an overload of adorable-ness.

Sutton and I made our first Mommy/Son roadtrip together this weekend to go visit our family in Victoria. I was so proud of myself. I even stopped to use the restroom at Buc-ee's, took Sutton in with me and made it out alive and with no crying (from either of us!) KK, O'Rear and Tia Brooke and Tio Tyler were so happy to see Sutton! We just hung out at the house, watched some football and then made a quick trip to Target Sunday morning before Sutton and I headed back home to meet Rusty (who spent the weekend hunting with the guys.) Here are some pics of Sutton hanging out with O'Rear:

Jeff was obviously more interested in the book than Sutton was.
Saturday night, my Mom gave Sutton a bath in the kitchen sink, which I think is just the cutest thing ever! I walked away to get the soap while she was undressing him and when I got back, he was facing away from me. Mom turned him around and I had to snap a few shots of what I saw:

Who bathes a baby with a tootie in their mouth?

"Mama, I've never had a bath with my tootie before!"

"My tootie is nice and clean, too!"
Sunday morning, Tyler was playing with Sutton on the couch and started blowing in his face, just one little puff at a time, and every time he would blow, Sutton would do this little gasp thing and laugh so hard! It was so sweet to watch them playing together!

Sunday before we left, my Mom and Brooke tag-teamed lunch. Have to make sure that baby is nice and full before we get on the road!

Tia Brooke's lap is way better than a Bumbo!
Sutton is just growing and changing so fast! I'm sure everyone saw on my blog that Sutton got his first tooth a few days ago. It was October 1, so just 3 days shy of his official 5 month birthday. Very early to be cutting teeth, I'm told! I haven't been able to snap any pics of that little bitty tooth, but I'm still working on it! Maybe once  he falls asleep it will be easier to get!
In Nanny News (Sutton's sitter, Phyllis, is called Nanny by all her kids! How cute is that?) Sutton might be kind of a bully. He's her youngest right now and the next youngest is a 9 month old bruiser of a kid named JJ. Sutton is so loud with his squeals and laughs that all the noise scares JJ! Phyllis laughs about it and has a story for me every morning when I drop off Sutton. She just adores all her kids and is always quick to grab Sutton for a hug in the mornings and is always holding him when we pick him up in the evenings! She's one of those people who hide their wings very well!
Phyllis took her semi-annual vacation back to New Jersey (Good Night, I can't wait to see what Sutton will sound like when he starts talking between our Texas twang and Phyllis' Jersey accent!) last week and we were lucky enough to have Rusty's mom come and stay with Sutton. She got a whole week of Sutton/Grammy time and loved every minute of it! She was a God-send. Came home to supper cooked every night, house picked up, stocked us up on groceries and took Sutton on all kinds of adventures! Botanical Gardens, swinging at the park, lots of walks and they read lots of books, too! I know you enjoyed it, Debbie, but we REALLY appreciate everything!
Whew! That's a lot of updating! Maybe I should try to make this a weekly thing...

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