Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sign of the times!

It's time for signs! We're starting to work on signing with Sutton. We have NO expectations of him picking these up any time soon and are sticking with the simplest of signs:

Tap fingertips to lips several times.

Tap the 'C' shape to chin

Tap fingertips together several times


ALL FINISHED (with food)
 We would LOVE it if everyone in his life were to learn these simple signs to help Sutton get the idea. So far, the only consistent reaction we get is the fishy-face when we ask if he's hungry or wants some ninny (to nurse.) And of course, the screams and grunts when we flash a bottle in front of his face! I really want to find a sign for nursing. I'd use 'milk' (tap fist to chest) but I don't want to confuse him in a few months when he starts drinking regular milk and I sure as hell don't want to rub my boobies as a sign asking him if he wants some milk! Kinda defeats the purpose of a discreet sign for nursing! 
 He's such a big kid and eats so much! I went grocery shopping last night and went ahead and picked up stage 2 baby food instead of the stage 1 he's been on. We tried mixed vegetables last night, so we'll wait on the poop report from Nanny (his sitter) to see how that went! So funny that we're so dependent on his poop to tell us how he's doing. Oh well, I hear it's the topic of choice for the very young and the very old.
We also tried some fruit-flavored puffed snacks last night. Those Gerber Graduate puffy-star things? I had to try one to see just how quickly they dissolved, because I was pretty nervous about him putting something so small in his mouth. Faster than TP in a tsunami. Satisfied my curiosity! He ate one, but made a pretty funny face and gagged alot. He wasn't choking as we could see the puff on the end of his tongue, so we're thinking it was either the sensation of solid food on his tongue or the tartness of the Strawberry-Apple flavor. Maybe he'll like the Tomato ones better... No matter the flavor, he spent quite a bit of time working on his hand/eye coordination, so that was a plus! He's getting really good at gripping things and both Rusty and I were pleasantly surprised at his dexterity when handling the food. At one point, he was struggling to pick up a star-puff with his right hand so he reached over with his left hand and grabbed it right away! Lefties run in both sides of our family so we may have a south-paw on our hands!

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