Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diaper Explosion!

Well, it finally happened. Sutton pooped and it made a big ol' mess. I was kinda wanting to start bragging on the fact that this hadn't happened to us yet, but I guess that's out now!
We were just finishing up dinner and Sutton was in his bouncy seat right by the table (within easy reach in case I needed to pop a binky back in his mouth and/or start bouncing him with my foot) when he started getting fussy. I thought he was just bored looking at the underside of the table so I started giving him a little bounce every now and then. Rusty finished eating first, so we went over to Sutton, bent down to pick him up.... and ran halfway across the kitchen, holding his hands up in the air, saying, "I can't deal with that! I'm going to throw up right now! I can't do it!" I think he mentioned something about having to go in the garage; I'm not sure. It was pretty dramatic.
I thought it was just a stinky diaper. Sutton is only an every-3-day-pooper, so it tends to be a bit smelly. At the exact moment I bent down to pick Sutton up, Rusty starts hollering again about how it's "everywhere! All over his legs! It's all on his bouncer." etc. So I take a peek....

And I crack up. I don't know why it's so funny! I start asking Sutton, in a baby voice, of course, "Do you have poopies everywhere? Are there poopies all over you?" which makes Sutton smile and coo and just give me this coy little look. Which makes me crack up even MORE!
We finally got him cleaned up, bathed and his bouncy seat in the washer. Clean baby, clean bouncy seat, a pile of wash cloths, towels and one smelly onesie in the washer, we concluded our latest stinky adventure!

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