Thursday, July 22, 2010

We are so blessed!

After writing our last post, I got curious and starting clicking 'Next Blog' at the top of our blog page. And with each blog I explored, I felt more and more blessed. Truly blessed. Not lucky. Not fortunate. Blessed. He is watching out for us, and the majority of the time, we don't realize or acknowledge Him.

The first blog was about a family who lost their baby at 37 weeks. Do you know what happens when a baby dies in the womb at 37 weeks? You go through childbirth. Either vaginally or via Cesarean. Just as if you were having a baby and nothing was wrong. Except the whole time, you know that you'll be leaving the hospital without a baby. Sutton spent two extra days in the NICU after I was released. That shouldn't even COMPARE to leaving the hospital knowing you'll never take your baby home, but as awkward as I felt being wheeled out of the hospital, bags, flowers, balloons, swollen uterus and no baby in my arms, I know that, to me, it is unimaginable to think about the grief and awkwardness of leaving in the same manner as a woman who just had a baby, who is carrying him or her in her arms, empty-handed and empty-hearted.

The second blog was about tying a bedsheet over a toddlers crib as he has outgrown it and had been climbing out of it for a couple of weeks. That was a good laugh. Once the family bought him a toddler bed, they shut him in the bedroom (not in a mean way, as I typed that, I realized it sounded bad) and he fell asleep up against the door with his little fingers reached out from under the door. Good Heavens! As Sutton has never really slept anywhere but his pack and play (or at least not with us) I hope that's not us in a couple of years! I'd cave in an instant! But not sooner than Rusty! He's the softie.

The third blog was about how a 6 1/2 month old baby wouldn't sleep more than 2 hours in her crib. Sutton sleeps from 7-8pm to around 7am. That's around 12 hours a night. No feedings, no interruptions, no fussing. Just sleeping.

The funny thing is, I COULD HANDLE A 'DIFFICULT' BABY! I'm my best under pressure. The higher the pressure, the more calm and take-charge I am. Seriously, we are COASTING with Sutton. Debbie (Rusty's mom) says that he was the BEST baby and once he hit the toddler age, he was a stinker, but soooo lovable. 'Naked Roll!' anyone? (Inside joke.)

It just astounds me how easy we have it with Sutton. He inspires more prayers of thankfulness than I've ever offered in my life.

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