Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our first go 'round with cereal

So, the day before I go back to work probably isn't the best time to try new things, but we figured, what the heck, enough things are changing for Sutton anyways, so what's a couple more?
This afternoon, we tried some cereal for the first time and last night was Sutton's first night in his crib upstairs. He did pretty good in his crib, considering yesterday was a VERY lazy day for all of us and we all three slept ALOT during the day. Sutton was no where near tired come his bedtime, but we stuck to our routine and got him ready for bed and put him down around 7:30. He fussed a bit, but with a little help from his tootie (I don't know why, but lately we've been calling his pacifier his tootie) he soon was snoozing. He's been sleeping through the night until about 6:30 or 7am, but I think being in a new environment coupled with lots of napping the day before threw off his sleep schedule and he woke up at about 2 (I just stuck his tootie back in his mouth) and again at 5:30 to eat. Then he went back down until around 8:30. Not too shabby!
I am so excited about Sutton trying cereal! I know it may seem a bit early, he'll be 12 weeks next Tuesday, but the Dr said to go ahead and start him on cereal at 3 months, so we decided to give it a shot as he's almost constantly hungry. And he did great! I won't say that more didn't end up on his bib than in his tummy, but he enjoyed it for about 10 minutes (WAY longer than I thought he would tolerate the spoon) and was actually opening his mouth and reaching for this spoon! Hopefully he tolerates it as well tomorrow evening and from now on. Here are a few pics we snapped:

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